Scientists: Saturn moon could support life
NASA's Cassini space probe snapped this photo of jets spewing from Enceladus, one of Saturn's 53 moons.
June 24th, 2011
05:28 PM ET

Scientists: Saturn moon could support life

Where there's salt, there's water and rock, it seems. And where there's water and rock, there could be life.

NASA's Saturn-exploring Cassini spacecraft has gathered new evidence that conditions on Enceladus, one of Saturn's 53 named moons, could support life, said Dr. Carolyn Porco, director of the Cassini Imaging Central Laboratory for Operations at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

"On Enceladus we have conditions under the surface that we know could be enjoyed by organisms similar to types of organisms we find right here on Earth," she said Friday.

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  1. GoBeyond

    Even NASA agrees that its time for a new direction in the Space program and lower earth atmosphere has been conquered and its time we expand. NASA is doing just that, reaching for the stars. Finding more, learning more and preparing to go beyond what we have been doing. We hope to have private companies bringing astronauts to space in less than two years while at the same time in less than 10, we hope to have humans beyond the moon.While its heart felt that the shuttle may no longer fly, to divert the funds to deep space research and exploration will be money well spent. I say fly NASA beyond the moon! Russia is robbing us on the cost of 60 mill per astronaut when they charge 20 mill for celebrity but hey, thats why they're in the position they're in, and its temporary.

    July 21, 2011 at 1:28 pm |
  2. O'Bama Sucks

    Great, excellent news. Just wish we still had a shuttle or a viable space program to further the reach of science and enhance our knowledge of the Universe. Very sad that we now have to bum a ride from the Russians to get to the space station that U.S. money and expertise built.

    July 16, 2011 at 11:27 am |


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