September 9th, 2011
09:20 AM ET


Every Friday, @CNNLightYears will suggest interesting and exciting space and science Twitter accounts to follow.

Today, @CNNLightYears is giving a #FollowFriday to NASA Tweetups.

What is a NASA Tweetup? Basically, a Tweetup is a real life meeting of Twitter users. NASA holds Tweetups to give followers the “opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at NASA facilities and events and speak with scientists, engineers, astronauts and managers,” according to the NASA Tweetup website.

NASA Tweetups are for Twitter users who follow @NASA and other NASA Twitter accounts and interact online with people who share the same interest in, you guessed it, NASA! The great thing about NASA Tweetups is that they allow people who interact online to meet IRL (in real life). So keep tweeting!

@NASATweetup and #NASATweetup
Follow @NASATweetup and search the hashtag #NASATweetup for announcements and information, such as upcoming dates and locations and how to register. @NASATweetup does a lot of retweeting, so you'll find some great NASA minds and fans to follow. If you can't make the next Tweetup, don't worry! NASA is planning more in the future and you can always follow the conversation online using #NASATweetup.

Earlier this week, @CNNLightYears contributor Sophia Dengo wrote a great blog post on what a NASA Tweetup is and even described what it is like to attend one. Read Sophia’s post on NASA Tweetups here and follow her on Twitter @phiden.

You can also follow Twitter updates from @CNNLightYears. If you attend a @NASATweetup, tweet us and let us know!

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