Beholding beauty: How it's been studied
Scientists are still trying to figure out what beauty means to people.
March 5th, 2012
01:32 PM ET

Beholding beauty: How it's been studied

By Elizabeth Landau, CNN

Beauty. We know it when we see it, but what is it?

Philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, "We must conclude that beauty is, for the greater part, some quality in bodies, acting mechanically upon the human mind by the intervention of the senses." Burke wrote that in 1756, but it's still being quoted today.

And scientists are still trying to figure out what makes things and people beautiful. In some ways, it's like asking whether your vision of "red" is the same as someone else's - there's just no way to know for sure, says Denis Pelli, professor of psychology and neural science at New York University.

Still, there's plenty to explore in neuroscience and psychology when it comes to what people find beautiful, to what extent people see beauty in themselves, and what role beauty plays in society.


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