More activity at North Korea launch facility
April 5th, 2012
11:51 AM ET

More activity at North Korea launch facility

A new image of the North Korean  launch pad at Tongchang-dong Space Launch Center (see photo above the story) shows what IHS Jane's Defense Weekly analyst Allison Puccioni says is "specific activity" on the pad, as well as at the rocket checkout assembly facility. The March 31 image was provided to CNN by GeoEye.

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Puccioni compared the new image to a GeoEye image from March 20th and  March 28th. She notes the gantry on the umbilical tower has changed directions and more vehicles and objects are seen parked around the launch tower. What are likely fuel containers have been uncovered and stacked behind the fuel system, according to Puccioni.

FULL STORY from CNN's Security Clearance

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