August 13th, 2012
04:06 PM ET

What we've done on Mars, and what's next

The much-celebrated Mars rover Curiosity is headed for Mount Sharp, where it will help scientists explore the question of life on Mars as it climbs up and up.

Meanwhile, however, NASA's budget for planetary exploration is slated to go down, down, down.

Scientists are basking in the success of Curiosity's stunning landing last week, proving that a complicated system involving a parachute and a sky crane can safely deliver a 2,000-pound vehicle to Mars. The $2.6 billion Curiosity will spend years roaming the planet, snapping photos and gathering scientific data.


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  1. Davehuckle

    The most obvious 'next' place for man to send a rover would be Jupiter's largest Moons. There very well could be microbial life on these Moons or at least fossilized microbial life there. Life is very prevalent throughout the Universe as man will conclude in the near future.

    August 22, 2012 at 11:31 am |


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