Chasing shadows: How to watch the solar eclipse in style
On November 14, northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean will witness a total solar eclipse.
November 12th, 2012
02:15 PM ET

Chasing shadows: How to watch the solar eclipse in style

Are you traveling to Australia especially to watch the solar eclipse? Share your experience with us.

Susie Kalimnios has traveled thousands of miles for two spectacular minutes.

The mother of three from Montauk, New York, is in Australia for what she's hoping will be "the experience of a lifetime."

She has made a pilgrimage to Australia's remote Far North Queensland region to witness a total solar eclipse.

For just a few ethereal minutes on the morning of November 14, the nation's northernmost tip will be plunged in to complete darkness, as the moon aligns precisely between the earth and the sun.


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November 12th, 2012
01:27 PM ET

Obama, Romney dolls take a trip to space

A week ago, as President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were facing a historic election, small dolls that look like them had just plummeted to Earth from the edge of space.

Following in the footsteps of Felix Baumgartner, who broke the sound barrier during a historic jump last month, mini-Romney and mini-Obama escalated toward the heavens in a balloon, reaching 120,000 feet – nearly as high as Baumgartner.

They got there through a project by Earth to Sky Calculus, a group of middle and high school “science enthusiasts” in Bishop, California.  They’re practicing “launching balloons into the stratosphere for a satellite launch in 2013.”

Thanks to their adviser, Tony Phillips, for sending along these images of what I like to call “Bobblegangers.”  Be sure to click the video to watch the floating – followed by the plunges.  And send us your best captions.

Who should get to jump next from the edge of space – vicariously, via smiling figurine, of course?

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