July 10th, 2012
08:00 AM ET

The most amazing photos of the sky

Team iReport heard that Light Years is celebrating its first birthday this week, so we wanted to take a minute to look back at what's been an amazing year for celestial events.

Sky and space enthusiasts shared some incredible photos on iReport and Light Years, from the northern lights and the super moon to a rare solar eclipse and a space shuttle's final flight.

Scroll through the gallery above to see a few of the highlights.

And for a special birthday treat, iReporter Hans-Dieter Fleger of Atraa, Norway compiled this beautiful time-lapse video comprising some 1,000 images of the northern lights in September 2011 and April 2012.

The next time the sky puts on a show, share your photos with iReport! They could be featured on CNN.

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'Manhattanhenge': Sunset on the NYC grid
May 29th, 2012
04:37 PM ET

'Manhattanhenge': Sunset on the NYC grid

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the setting sun will line up with Manhattan’s skyscrapers to create a unique urban phenomenon dubbed “Manhattanhenge.”

Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson, who coined the term for the semi-annual event, explains what happens on the planetarium's website:

“The setting sun aligns precisely with the Manhattan street grid, creating a radiant glow of light across Manhattan's brick and steel canyons, simultaneously illuminating both the north and south sides of every cross street of the borough's grid."

A half-sun will appear on the grid at 8:17 p.m. ET. On Wednesday, a full sun will appear on the grid at 8:16 p.m. Arrive a half-hour earlier for optimal viewing.

"For best effect, position yourself as far east in Manhattan as possible. But ensure that when you look west across the avenues you can still see New Jersey," Tyson says. "Clear cross streets include 14th, 23rd, 34th. 42nd, 57th, and several streets adjacent to them. The Empire State building and the Chrysler building render 34th street and 42nd streets especially striking vistas.”

Share your best photos with iReport, and they might appear on CNN.

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