July 7th, 2011
09:54 AM ET

10 shuttle launch swan songs

Whether you plan to camp out in Titusville, or belly up to a video feed for the final space shuttle launch, you’ll need the right tune; a soundtrack for real-life history, if you will. (Remember, there is no sound in space!) Problem is, musicians have launched a lot of chart climbers since Sputnik, so you might need a little help preparing your mix.

So as Mission Control said to Neil Armstrong, “Have no fear!” Well, perhaps they didn’t say that, but they certainly could have. Here is a breakdown of ten great launch songs.


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July 5th, 2011
11:51 AM ET

A space town's long goodbye

When the space shuttle blasts off for the last time on July 8, it will leave behind a 30-year legacy of exploration, and the most dedicated cheerleaders the space program has ever known. In Titusville, Florida, a small town just across the river from Cape Canaveral, generations have relied on manned rocket launches to bring the nation to their doorstep.

"We have a population of 43,000, and there'll be several hundred thousand people here, so our population triples or quadruples," said Laura Lee Thompson, the owner of the Dixieland Crossroads restaurant, a favorite for locals and visiting space enthusiasts alike.

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